Started working for the Pratt Police Department in 2003 as a dispatcher. Became a patrol officer after attending KLETC and completing the full-time academy in 2004. Was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in 2014. Appointed as the Chief of Police in 2018.

Nate Humble

Chief of Police

Det. Jeff Ward is a 32 year veteran of law enforcement, the last thirteen of which have been spent with the Pratt Police Department.   Det. Ward has extensive investigative experience and is comfortable handling cases ranging from petty theft to homicide.   As both a Detective and the Assistant Chief of Police Det. Ward oversees all investigations undertaken by the Pratt Police Department and strives to provide local prosecutors with complete, timely, and competently obtained information.  Det. Ward is committed to the Pratt Police Department and the community it serves.

Jeff Ward

Detective / Assistant Chief of Police

Lt. James Shelden has worked in law enforcement  since 1997, beginning his law enforcement career working part time with the Ford County Sheriff’s Office.  Lt. Shelden came to work at the Pratt Police Department in 2001 as a patrol officer, climbing in rank to his current position as the Patrol Lt.  Lt. Shelden’s duties include the oversight of general and specialized patrol operations, scheduling, training, and internal affairs.  Lt. Shelden works closely with first line supervisors and Detectives to ensure the protection of our citizens.

James Shelden

Patrol / Lieutenant

Started his career in law enforcement as a detention officer with Douglas County Sheriff's Office in 1996. Was hired by the Lawrence Police Department in 1998 and completed the 17th Basic Lawrence Police Academy. Was hired by the Wellington Police Department in 2000. Started working for the Pratt County Sheriff's Department in 2012. Started with the Pratt Police Department in 2016 as a patrol sergeant and promoted to detective in 2019.

Joe Ohler

Detective / Sergeant

Started in law enforcement in 2010 at the Pratt County Sheriff's Office as a detention officer. Became a dispatcher for the City of Pratt in 2012 and was promoted to IT Communications Specialist in 2015. Left the department in 2018. In 2019 he returned to the Police Department and took the position of Administrative Assistant and IT specialist. Mike's current duties include maintaining the departments computer network and administrative functions as assigned by the Chief of Police.

Michael LaClair

Administrative Assistant

Jami Walker, Municipal Court Clerk, joined the Pratt Police Department as Municipal Court Clerk in 2001. Her responsibilities include preparing cases submitted by officers for prosecution related to violations of the Pratt city code, she is also responsible for the collection of fines and fees, for the dissemination of reports to attorneys, and acting as the city probation officer.

Jami Walker

 Municipal Court Clerk


Sgt. Ed Gimpel retired from the military in 1994 after serving 21 years. In 1994 he started working in for the City of Pratt in dispatch. In 1995 he transferred to patrol. Was promoted to Sergeant in 1998.  Was promoted to Night Watch Commander in 2000. Left employment in 2006. Was hired in 2008 as Sgt. Patrol Supervisor. Also is the department evidence custodian and taser instructor.

Ed Gimpel

Patrol / Sergeant

Began his employment in 1997 with the Pratt Police Department, Graduated in the 150th basic training academy in 1998.  Was promoted in 2005 to the rank of Sergeant.

Jim Ferbert

Patrol / Sergeant

Chaplain to First Responders, Harper County, Kansas in 2008.  Started a career in law enforcement working part time for the Harper Police Department in 2010.  Attended Kansas Law Enforcement Training Academy's 38th part time basic academy.  Full time Police Officer for the Pratt Police Department since 2011.  Attended KLETC's 217th basic training, graduated with honors in 2012.  Attended Criminal Investigations Academy, 60th training class. CLEET, Ada, OK.  Certified Drug Recognition Expert, since 2015.  Promoted to Corporal in 2015.

Mike McAbee

Patrol / Sergeant

Danny Gimpel

SRO / K9 / Sergeant

Started working in law enforcement in 2004 with the city of Ellis Police Department. Graduated the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center in December 2005. Started with the Pratt Police Department in 2010.

Ken Wright


Started a career in law enforcement at the Hutchinson Correctional Facility posted in segregation in 2013. Then became part of the special security team and completed training for the special operations response team. In 2016 began working as a deputy for the Rice County Sheriff's Office and graduated from the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center that same year. Started working for the Pratt Police Department in 2018 and still works part time for the Rice County Sheriff's Office.

Rebecca Slief


Started working in law enforcement at the Larned Correctional Mental Health facility in 2000. Began working for the Larned Police Department in 2011, attended KLETC and graduated in 2011 with class 215. Started with the Pratt Police Department in 2019.

Brad Hitz


Jeremy Stitt graduated from Pittsburg State University with a bachelors degree in criminal justice in 2012. He started working for the Pratt Police Department in 2019.

Jeremy Stitt


Pratt Police Department Employees

Jarod Gilmore


Nick Allen



Walt Stockwell

Dispatch Supervisor

Meghan Hennessee


Keenan Stultz


Hannah Fisher


Valerie Ontiveros


Animal Control

Came to work as animal control officer for the Pratt Police Department in 2015.

Kris Dover

Animal Control Officer